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Meal in a Glass February 26, 2012

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This month we endeavored to have the whole meal in a glass, or multiple glasses, to be exact.  Jacinta hosted the dinner on the 10th February (not a Monday for a change), and was assisted by Kerri and Pam in providing the dishes, or glasses, for the night.



Kerri and Pam together provided a selection of cold soups in shotglasses to start us off. There was: gazpaco, tomato and red capsicum, and strawberry.



Jacinta served up three different glass-based mains: ham hock terrine, a vertical salad, and a deconstructed falafel kebab.


For dessert, Pam first served up a glass with a warm peach sundae.

To conclude, Kerri produced a layered dessert with chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly and strawberry flummery.



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