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Cheese May 16, 2012

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This month we celebrated food that included the magic ingredient – cheese! Andrew hosted the dinner on 14th May, and along with Laura, provided the food for the night.



To start off the Cheese Fest, Andrew had made some parmesan and mustard grissini, and also some baked “Camembert” with crusty bread and cranberry and almond crumbs. Ok, so it was Brie rather than Camembert.



Andrew then cooked ricotta gnocchi with prosciutto and spinach, and Laura served a pear, rocket, walnut and parmesan salad to go with it.



For dessert, Laura served both pecan caramel creams with goats cheese and Romanian cheesecake (Prajitura cu branza).


1. Prosciutto and Spinach Gnocchi (Cheese) « Melbourne Recipe Club - May 16, 2012

[…] This recipe comes from the Donna Hay Magazine (Issue 28, Jul/Aug 2006) and was a relatively light dish to follow the intensity of baked Camembert in the Cheese dinner. […]

2. Baked Brie (Cheese) « Melbourne Recipe Club - May 16, 2012

[…] This is largely based on Jamie Oliver’s Baked Camembert recipe and was (obviously) part of the Cheese dinner. […]

3. Soft Parmesan and Mustard Grissini (Cheese) « Melbourne Recipe Club - May 16, 2012

[…] were just some simple starters for the Cheese dinner. It was my first attempt at grissini (bread sticks) and they turned out softer than I was expecting […]

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