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Cornflakes December 4, 2012

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Last month’s recipe club, on Monday 5th November, Jacinta hosted a dinner with the unusual theme of cornflakes. Jacinta provided the savoury dishes and Franca the sweet ones.


Cornflakes Theme - Jacinta's Entree

To get us all started on the idea of cornflakes used in interesting ways, Jacinta produced some honey-and-soy joys.


Cornflakes Theme - Jacinta's Main (2 of 2)

For mains, Jacinta served a stack of cornflake pancakes topped with bacon, salsa and a scattering of cornflakes.


Cornflakes Theme - Franca's Dessert (4 of 4) Cornflakes Theme - Franca's Dessert (2 of 4)

Franca finished with two desserts: a pear and mixed-berry crumble with cornflakes, and chocolate, peanut butter and cornflake brownies.


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