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Trio of Icecreams (Summer) February 23, 2013

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Summer Theme - Jacinta's DessertFor our summer theme, I decided to experiment with ice cream and so made three different versions – custard, ricotta and condensed milk.

My first ice cream was a ‘custard’ based vanilla ice cream. I followed this recipe exactly and it was definitely the best ice cream of the three. It was also the softest so you need to eat it straight from the freezer – no mucking around with this one!

My second ice cream was a ricotta and honey one. I feel like I put the most love into this one but was most unhappy with the outcome – the end texture was all wrong – it didn’t soften at all and had to be cut into squares. The recipe for ricotta in the recipe was not quite right either but having said that the ricotta-making was actually the best part (once I found a better recipe) and it was delicious. I wish I hadn’t wasted it in the ice cream!

For both of these ice creams you need an ice cream maker or to constantly remove from the freezer and stir. Since I don’t have a machine and couldn’t be bothered with the repetition of remove-and-stir, I decided to look into some alternative methods and came across this site. I went with the ‘frozen cube’ method – I didn’t use ice blocks trays but instead silicone muffin trays and it was so easy – I even left the ice cream blocks in the freezer overnight before blitzing and it didn’t affect the outcome.

The third ice cream was a burnt salted caramel with honeycomb using a condensed milk base. This one was pretty awesome but didn’t have the lusciousness of the custard based one. The benefit of condensed milk ice creams are that you don’t need an ice cream maker as you just mix, freeze and serve. My only issue with this recipe was that when you added the milk mix to the sugar mix, some of the sugar instantly turned to toffee and stuck to the bottom of the pan and then some of the milk mixture was scalded by the sugar mix and formed a bit of a scum on the top. I strained the mixture so it was fine and the flavour was spot on. This recipe also made twice the volume of the other two recipes.



1. Summer | Melbourne Recipe Club - February 23, 2013

[…] Jacinta, without the aid of an icecream-maker, made three types of icecream for dessert: vanilla icecream, ricotta and honey icecream, and burnt salted caramel with honeycomb icecream. […]

2. arzainal - February 23, 2013

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