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Cherry and Vanilla Pie (Vanilla) July 24, 2013

Posted by kerribatch in Recipes.
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Vanilla Theme - Kerri's Dessert (1 of 2)This pie was dessert for the Vanilla dinner, and was largely based on a recipe from About.com’s gluten-free cooking pages.


  1. I made one big pie as I didn’t have individual pie plates. It meant I had heaps of leftover pastry.
  2. I used a mixture of tinned and frozen cherries because fresh ones weren’t available. It looked like there wasn’t enough filling but seemed full enough (just) after baking.
  3. I used vanilla extract instead of almond essence.

If I made it again I would try a different pastry wash than milk, as it was quite difficult to put on the delicate pastry without damaging it and didn’t brown as evenly as I would have liked it to.



1. Vanilla | Melbourne Recipe Club - July 24, 2013

[…] concluded the winter vanilla meal in fitting form with a cherry and vanilla pie together with vanilla and cinnamon […]

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