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Naan (Fluffy) September 22, 2013

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Fluffy Theme - Jacinta's Main (4 of 4)I also made fluffy naans using this recipe.

I didn’t need any extra flour/milk/butter. When mixing your wet and dry ingredients it feels sticky for a while but will all of a sudden come together so give it a chance before adjusting your ingredients.

I did look at quite a few other recipes which influenced some of my cooking methods.

Firstly I did a “cold prove” and let my dough rise in the fridge all day and got it out of the fridge an hour before kneading it again.

Once I kneaded the dough, I formed it into a ball and then slightly flattened it and then cut it into 12 wedges like a cake (cut into quarters and then each quarter into 3 slices). I left these uncovered on a plate for about 30-40 mins before rolling out. I didn’t use a rolling pin but just my hands to pull out into a flat ‘tear-drop’ shape. Don’t worry if you get a hole in the dough or if it is a bit uneven.

I wet one side of the naan with water (some recipes say butter) and then placed the wet side down in a very hot buttery non-stick fry pan. I would suggest omitting the butter as the naans that fried in a dry pan were much more authentic looking. None of my naans bubbled up. I cooked them for approx 2-3 mins on each side.



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