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Basil April 11, 2015

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The theme for Monday 2nd February was Basil – but nothing to do with Fawlty Towers. Pam hosted and cooked the savoury courses, while Franca provided the sweet courses.

Entré and Drinks

Basil Theme - Franca's Drink Basil Theme - Pam's Entree

Franca served up drinks with basil seeds, and Pam started off the food with a Thai zucchini and corn soup (with Thai basil).


Basil Theme - Pam's Main (2 of 2) Basil Theme - Pam's Main (1 of 2)

For main course, Pam cooked lamb with basil mouselline, with roast vegetables topped with Provencal granola.


Basil Theme - Franca's Dessert (1 of 2) Basil Theme - Franca's Dessert (2 of 2)

To finish the meal, Franca made us individual basil-flavoured pavlovas and a basil sorbet.



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