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Citrus March 12, 2016

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For our first dinner in 2016, we met on Monday 18th January at Andrew’s house for a dinner in the theme of Citrus. Kerri made the savoury dishes and Andrew made the sweet ones.


Citrus Theme - Andrew's Drink

To begin the meal, Andrew provided some lemonade refreshments.


Citrus Theme - Kerri's Entre

The first dish was Kerri’s orange, ginger and carrot soup.


Citrus Theme - Kerri's Main (2 of 2) Citrus Theme - Kerri's Main (1 of 2)

For main course, Kerri served up a delicious chilli lime chicken and a cauliflower salad with cumin and orange dressing.


Citrus Theme - Andrew's Dessert

To finish the meal, Andrew made a Christine Manfield chocolate jaffa mousse cake with orange caramel, and lime and salted caramel popcorn.


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