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Chicken Enchilada Bundt Bread (Tins and Moulds) May 21, 2016

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Tins and Moulds - Jacinta's Mains (1 of 2)This dish was served as the main course at the Tins and Moulds dinner.

Chicken Enchilada Bundt Bread

The bundt bread was based on a recipe on the Old El Paso website.

I tripled the filling as I wanted to make three (two meat and one vegetarian).
For the vegetarian bundt bread I roasted some red and yellow mini capsicums and added those to the filling. I used two Jiffy cornbread packets that I had from a recent trip to the US.
For the two chicken enchilada breads I made my own cornbread as I needed it to be gluten free. I used this recipe here as a bit of a guide but weighed the two packets of Jiffy cornbread mix to get a feel for how much cornmeal and flour I would need. I used polenta (you can grind up polenta to make cornmeal if you really want to) and gluten-free plain flour.

I used 4 cups polenta and 1 cup gluten free plain flour. I also made my own buttermilk (1 tsp white vinegar to 1 cup milk and leave to to stand for 10-15 mins) and used about 2 and 3/4 cups of it and 2 eggs. I used about 150gms of melted butter. I didn’t use the bacon drippings (that was just needed to grease the pan) or the sugar. I did use about 1/2 tsp salt. I’m also not sure about the quantities in this recipe for baking soda (bi-carb soda). I considered this to be way too much and only used 1 scant tsp for the double mixture. Most other recipes call for baking powder so I’m not sure if this was a typo.

I then made the bundt breads as per the recipe. I used a mix of Kraft Mexican blend cheese and shredded Colby.


  • Grease the tins really well.
  • Use less than half the cornbread mix first because the tin is smaller at the bottom and you end up with a thick layer if you use half and then don’t have enough for the next layer (I had to make another quick batch of cornbread – 3/4 cup polenta 1/4 cup g/f plain flour, 1 egg, 1/2 cup buttermilk, 1/8tsp baking soda).
  • Keep the filling narrow and push down the cornbread so that the two layers of cornbread meet otherwise you can see the layer of filling and it separates when you tip it out of the tin.

FYI – this recipe served 6 easily (and not 4 as stated).

Mexican Salsa

I also made this salsa to serve with the bread.

Because I wasn’t following the recipe closely I sauteed my onion for 5-10 mins. I used tinned tomatoes and blitzed them with a hand-held blender before I added to the pan. I also just finely chopped the coriander because I had forgotten to add to the tinned tomatoes. I didn’t add cumin but did use the juice of a lime. I also used about six slices of jalapenos from a jar instead of the 2-3 hot peppers and it definitely wasn’t very spicy so I would add a few more next time.

Avocado and Cucumber Mousse (Tins and Moulds) May 21, 2016

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Tins and Moulds - Jacinta's EntreeFor entree at the Tins and Moulds dinner, I made a avocado and cucumber mousse, based on a recipe at this blog.

I doubled the recipe but only because I wasn’t sure how much mousse this recipe made and I needed it to fit in the fish shaped mould (not shown).  I didn’t use the salsa recipe but instead just finely chopped red and yellow mini roma tomatoes, spring onion and added a bit of pepper and a glug of olive oil.  I also served with celery sticks and corn chips.

Tins and Moulds May 21, 2016

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On Monday 9th May, Jacinta hosted a dinner that was a celebration of tins and moulds. Jacinta cooked the savoury dishes and Andrew made dessert.


Tins and Moulds - Jacinta's Entree

To begin the evening, Jacinta made us an avocado and cucumber mousse.


Tins and Moulds - Jacinta's Mains (1 of 2)

Jacinta followed up with a chicken enchilada bundt bread with mexican salsa.


Tins and Moulds - Andrew's Dessert

For dessert, Andrew plated up slices of date and walnut nut loaf with discs of home-made cultured butter, Melbourne-breakfast flavoured tea jellies, and dollops of date syrup.

Pomegranate May 21, 2016

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On Monday 11th April, our dinner was themed around Pomegranate! Laura hosted and cooked the dishes with Kerri.


Pomegranate Theme - Kerri's Drink

Kerri provided refreshments in the form of a pomegranate margarita cocktail.


Pomegranate Theme - Laura's Entre

The first dish was Laura’s pomegranate-infused spaghetti with garlic sage butter.


Pomegranate Theme - Laura's Main (1 of 2) Pomegranate Theme - Laura's Main (2 of 2)

For mains, Laura served up a spinach and pomegranate salad and a pork roast with pomegranate and walnut filling.


Pomegranate Theme - Kerri's Dessert

The scrumptious end to the meal was Kerri’s pomegranate cheesecake.