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Flower/flour August 9, 2019

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Two words that sound the same are called homophones, and the theme for our dinner on Monday 5th August was one, either flour or flower as appropriate to the recipe! Andrew was the host, and cooked the dessert dishes along with Jacinta who cooked the savoury ones.


Andrew started us with a flower-themed drink: champagne with hibiscus flower in syrup.


To begin the savoury courses, Jacinta served us Yotam Ottolengthi’s socca (chickpea flour pancakes).


For mains, Jacinta served a Yotam Ottolenghi cauliflower cake and a green salad.


For dessert, Andrew firstly served a small “palate-cleanser” dessert of muhalabia (orange blossom water milk custard), followed by dark chocolate mud cake (using coconut flour) decorated with a sugar fondant rose.


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