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Tea smoked chicken (T) March 22, 2020

Posted by Pam R in Recipes.
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This recipe is from the T themed dinner.

I didn’t stick strictly to a recipe, but based it mostly on the first of these links, with the additional ingredients from the second (I used orange rind, star anise and cinnamon stick, with green tea that was infused with Pandan).

  1. https://eatcuredmeat.com/complete-guide-to-tea-wok-smoking-any-food/
  2. https://teajourney.pub/recipe/smoking-with-tea-leaves/


1. “T” | Melbourne Recipe Club - March 22, 2020

[…] course consisted of tea-smoked chicken, tequila pork tenderloin, tarragon and tater salad, and tea-poached turtle bean and quinoa […]

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