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Fire January 5, 2019

Posted by andrewescott in Dinners.
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On Monday 3rd September, the theme of the dinner was Fire. Pam hosted, also providing savoury dishes, with Andrew providing drinks and dessert.


Fire Theme

Andrew made flaming Bailey’s Comet cocktails with cinnamon sparks, and flaming sugarcubes in lime floating in ginger beer (not shown).


Fire Theme Fire Theme

To begin the dinner, Pam served blow-torched asparagus with pistachio puree, and blow-torched sous-vide steak salad.


Fire Theme Fire Theme

For main course, Pam made a delicious sukiyaki.


Fire Theme

Andrew made a dessert consisting of milk and white Belgian chocolate fondue with hazelnuts, glace ginger, toasted marshmallows and fruit, and with desiccated coconut and peanut butter powder.