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The Recipe Club is a small group of food-lovers from the north-western suburbs of Melbourne. This blog will chronicle the dishes served up at our monthly dinners, with recipes and photos.


1. kerribatch - May 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all looking forward to our next meeting – food made with a gadget! I can’t wait to see what people have come up with. If last month’s meeting was any indication, it will be another amazing feast. I am practically drooling just thinking about it….. 🙂 Kerri

2. Chantelle - February 6, 2014

Hi Kerry. Found your site the recipe club. Do you still operate? I live in the South Eastern suburbs and was wondering how I could go about setting up a group attracting couples to share dinners together at each other’s houses.
Any advice would be most helpful.

andrewescott - March 2, 2014

Hi Chantelle.

We still operate, although I sometimes lag a bit with getting the new posts up.

Our group began as a core group of founders and then their friends, although the group has changed a little over the years. I wouldn’t know how to set one up from scratch if I didn’t know anyone interested in cooking for dinner parties and trying new recipes. However, you might be able to find something on a website like meetup.com – all the best!

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